Li Yongbin

1963 born in Beijing
Currently lives and works in Beijing

Solo Exhibitions (selected)
1994 Li Yongbin: A Life Testimony, artist¡¯s residence in Beijing
2000 Li Yongbin¡¯s video work, Brussels Art Museum, Belgium
2009 Face (1995-2009) Beijing ISSUE Projects

Group Exhibitions (selected)
2001 Living in time, Hamburger Bahnhof Museum of Art, Berlin
2004 Relocated Collection, Museum of Modern Art, New York
2007 The Real Thing, Tate Liverpool

On making art, my credo is to visualize what¡¯s on my mind at first time, and find a way to execute it. In the process of using certain medium or equipment, I try to minimize its technical properties, in which I realized the camera lens possesses such simple functionality. It is precisely its simple functions that allow me to enter a state of accomplishing something with immediacy and novelty. Such approach not only can effectively avoid certain unnecessary interruptions, while it insures the continuity of each artwork. In other words, every work is an extension of the same object. For me, the most remarkable realization from this type of work is its endless process in the so-called ¡°continuity of the same object¡±. Without having any work insurance and expenses, the meaning of doing this work is the satisfaction I feel when I break free from something once I have completed the work - a bliss of being set free. It is comparable to weight-loss sports, the ultimate goal is ¡°losing¡±, rather than gaining something, ¡°losing¡± is not gaining. It contradicts to the capitalist¡¯s diligent process of accumulating capital. Its utmost goal is to achieve a ¡°realm¡± of nothingness.-- Li Yongbi

Face  2008-09   59 ¡Á 72 3/4 inch   acrylic on canvas

Face  2009-08 59 ¡Á 72 3/4 inch  acrylic on canvas