Zhang Yajie

1963 born in Jinan City
1989 graduated from the Print Department, Central Academy of Fine Art
1997 graduated from the Beijing Broadcasting Institute with MA degree

Exhibitions (selected)
1992 1990s Guangzhou Biennale
1993 Solo Exhibition, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing
1996 Solo Exhibition, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing
1999 Portrait of Contemporary China, China Culture Center, San Francisco
2004-2006 Rebirth C Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Buccaneer University Art Museum, Brown University Art Museum, U.S.

In the Chinas Avant-garde art movement in the early 1990s, a number of artists began to write a new chapter in the history of art with their innovative approaches to painting, among them, Zhang Yajie was one of the outstanding artists. The figures and scenes from his surrounding captured in his works are intertwined with passive facial expressions and the atmosphere of a time in transition. His monochromatic series of portraiture has demonstrated his freestyle techniques, projecting the souls of those living in such unique historical period. After he had traveled through Japan and the U.S., his recent portraits are vivid in color, revealing the motions and fate of those depicted. However, the recent series of simple scenarios of comment living spaces seem rather elegant, with a relatively cursive brushwork


Untitled (Bolt Nut)   19 3/4 24 inch   2009  oil on canvas

Untitled (Railing)   51 3/16 59 1/4 inch  2009  oil on canvas

Untitled (Washbasin)   47 1/4 39 3/8 inch   2007  oil on canvas

Untitled (Tap) 59 39 3/8 inch   2009   oil on canvas

Untitled (Unit Door)   59 51 3/16  inch   2009  oil on canvas

Untitled (Window) 63 63 inch   2009  oil on canvas