Zheng Zaidong

1957 born in Taipei
Currently lives and works in Shanghai and Taipei

Solo Exhibitions (selected)
1991 Northern Suburb Travel Log, Han Art, Taipei
2000 Wan Wu Sang Zhi, Lin & Keng Gallery, Taipei
2006 Catch the Spring to Pursue Pleasure, Shanghai Gallery of Art

Group Exhibitions (selected)
Taiwan¡¯s New Paintings, Han Art, Hong Kong ¨C ¡°Lion art award¡± winner
1989 Contemporary Works Exhibition, Taipei Art Museum
1994 Human and Earth, Denver University Arts Center, U.S.
2004 Gao Shan Liu Shui, Shanghai Art Museum

Zheng Zaidong¡¯s earlier years were influenced by western expressionism and surrealism, but followed by a later career infused with full enthusiasm and persistent effort in Chinese classical culture. In the late 1990s, he moved from Taiwan to Shanghai with a wish to revive Chinese classical culture through his creativity and attitude in the contemporary cultural framework. His creative works done on the mainland were mostly inspired by classical literature, Zen legends, anecdotes of intellectuals and etc. Most of them were introduced with poems and calligraphy to the paintings. At the same time, the paintings have embodied the artist¡¯s own sentiments, encounters and enlightenments, presented in the contemporary mode of painting and execution, They become a contemporary deduction of classical topics. His appropriation and development of tradition is mainly focused on the search for stylistic vigor of the Han dynasty and the demeanor of the Wei and Jin dynasties, as well as, the sentiments and realizations of ancient intellectuals. The works shown at this exhibition responds to his depiction of A Stroll Around Taipei in 1999 and the later Taipei Oblivion series. Yet, the streets and scenes depicted are typical of Shanghai. Moreover, the works are named with words and phrases from Zhang Ailing¡¯s novels


No Magnificent Past, But Bourgeois Desolation
70 7/8 ¡Á 70 7/8 inch   2009  mixed media on canvas

What a Lonesome World!   31 1/2 ¡Á 39 3/8 inch   2008  acrylic on canvas

One Day Our Civilization Will Past No Matter it is Sublimated or Turns Vanity
51 1/8 x 63 inch   2009  acrylic on canvas