Zheng Qing 2006-2010 is published by 01100001 (Beijing) to accompany Mr. Zheng Qiang's solo exhibition - Zheng Qing 2010 during June 12, 2010 to August 22, 2010.

Editors: Wang Xingwei, Zhang Li, Zheng Qiang; Designer: Li Tienan; Translator: Zhu Hongling

The book is in 24 by 25cm, 132 pages, printed with 200g chrome paper. Edition 1000.

All the words in the book is in Chinese and English, including curator Zhang Li's essay, interview with Zheng Qiang by Wang Xingwei, a dialogue between Fu Xiaodong and Zheng Qiang. There are more than 60 plates of Zheng Qiang's works from 2006 to 2010, and also the artist's bio, studio photos, sketch, notes, etc.

Copyright (c) 2010. All rights of words and images published in this book reserve to 01100001 (Beijing), artists and authors.




The handscroll is published by 01100001 (Beijing) on the occasion of its inaugural exhibition The Same during November 8, 2009 to January 17, 2010.
Epson Ultra Chrome HDR ink on Easi Color Rice Paper, hand Cmounted, limited edition of 80 Edition number of this copy is 1 / 80.

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